Once you master the art of cross stitch (or even before if we’re being honest), you will find that you have yourself a lovely stash of supplies. From patterns to Aida to needles to thread, you will start to accumulate all sorts of bits and bobs along the way.

But how do you keep it all organised?

I used to be one of those people that just chucked everything in a box then shifted through it (albeit a little frustrated at times) to try and find that one bobbin I needed to complete my project. Or to find the matching pattern and WIP (work in progress).

Oh boy, what a palaver that was!

But now, I have seen the light. And you can too. Find out how to whip your stash into shape and organise like a boss in this handy post.

Find out how to whip your stash into shape and organise like a boss in this handy post.

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Ziploc Bags

Seriously, these bad boys are amazing.

I personally use Ziploc bags for my stash. Each bag contains the fabric, thread, needle, hoop and pattern needed for a project. I also keep all my spare bits of fabric in one and all finished projects in another. Random pamphlets and patterns are in a separate one again.

These all get popped in a box standing up like a line of soldiers ready for work.

When I want to work on a particular project, all I have to do is pull out the correct bag and it’s all there minus the hunting around.

Bobbin Organiser Box

Bobbin organiser boxes are made perfectly to fit floss bobbins in them without them getting all muddled and disorganised.

If you have a lot of floss, I would suggest grabbing one or two (or in my case, four) of these to keep your bobbins organised and neat.

It will also help you to find your floss faster thus less frustration and stress on your part!

Bonus points if you label the boxes with the number range, for example 1-399

Take Some Time to Bobbinate Your Floss

Bobbinate everything. It makes life so much easier and will ensure that your floss gets less tangles.

You can get plastic or card bobbins and then simply wind your floss around the bobbin and label with the correct number. You can get stickers with all the DMC numbers on them or just write your own in a permanent marker. The last step is crucial!

Loose skeins have a nasty habit of tangling and unwinding. Bobbinating your floss means that they stay where they are supposed to and you only have to cut off enough to use at a time.

Containers, Boxes and Drawers

If you have a lot of supplies, keep all your bits and bobs together in a big ole container. This way everything will stay in the same place instead of spread about the house. Well, in theory it should all stay in the box anyway….

If you are short on space, you can get long thin boxes that slide underneath the bed. Alternatively, try stackable boxes. Drawers are another option, keep all your WIPs in one drawer, floss in another, miscellaneous in another etc. The options are endless.

Thread Project Cards

To be suuuper organised, grab some thread project cards, snip your floss to size and go nuts.

Thread cards often come in cross stitch kits with the correct amount of floss with the number, symbol or both beside each floss. This is handy when you have a project with lots of colours as it will save you looking back and forth at the key. It is all there in the same place.

Use a Floss Ring

If you have a large supply of floss (let’s face it, who doesn’t?), I would suggest getting a floss ring or two to keep the floss that you are using on your current project/s together.

There are usually little holes at the bottom of your bobbins that are perfect for slipping it onto a floss ring.

Keep a floss ring in each project bag and you’ll never lose your thread again. Well, unless you lose your project bag.

Try Draw String Bags

If you don’t like the thought of Ziplock bags and want something a bit more natural, why not try a draw string bag? You can use one for each project. If you have a sewing machine, they are easy to whip up, if not, they are widely available online or in stores.

Rolling Storage Cart

If you are a multi-room stitcher, a rolling storage cart is a fab way to store your bits and bobs without having to lug heavy boxes around the house. Simply wheel it from room to room (and feel a little bit like a tea lady) as you move around the house to your various stitching nooks.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, some quick, easy and inexpensive ways to organise your stash!

How do you organise yours? Let me know in the comments below.

Find out how to whip your stash into shape and organise like a boss in this handy post.
Find out how to whip your stash into shape and organise like a boss in this handy post.
Find out how to whip your stash into shape and organise like a boss in this handy post.

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