Ok so a month of 2020 has passed already but thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can still find out the temp in your area for Jan and join in with these temperature stitches. So now you have no excuses.

You are welcome.

After perusing the patterns in the post, you’ll be all fired up ready to start a much needed new stitch. Let me know in the comments at the bottom which one your favourite is. Mine is the temperature tree.

Or Apricot Polkadots one.

Maybe just all of them. I can’t decide.

You don't have to start your temperature cross stitch in January, you can start it at any time. Use these fun ideas to track your year plus some awesome temperature chart patterns

What is a Temperature Stitch?

A temperature stitch is a year-long (or month, it’s up to you!) stitch that you add to each day. Or track each day’s temperature and stitch a few days/a week in a sitting.

Over the course of the stitch, you can see patterns and anomalies occurring as the temperature dips and rises.

Each persons stitch will be unique to them as you can choose your own colours and temperature ranges. Your location will also make it differ from others.

Those in the Northern Hemisphere will have opposite charts to those in the Southern Hemisphere. Us down under like to do things differently.

So I haven’t missed the boat?

You don’t have to track the year from start to finish, you can track whatever takes your fancy. The ideas are only limited to your imagination.

Some ideas to track

Track something special and unique to you or a loved one. Something that is meaningful and you can look back on fondly.

You can even go back in time and stitch something historic such as a child’s first year for a 21st or other big birthday present.

Maybe you could stitch your first year of marriage for a wedding anniversary present?

Other ideas include:

  • Baby’s first year
  • First year of school
  • The first year of marriage
  • Anniversary
  • Celebrate a year of living in a new town/country
  • First year of retirement
  • New job
  • Moving to college
  • Buying your first/new house
  • First year of your 20’s/30’s/40’s etc
  • A month (or several) leading up to a big day such as wedding, graduation etc

Where to find past temperature highs and lows

If you want to start from the beginning of the year, you don’t have to wait another 11 months to start yours. Thanks to the power of the internet, you can look up past dates online to find out the highs, lows, weather events and more.

You can find past temperatures on the Time and Date website.

Some fun temperature stitches:

The Enablers Temperature Stitch

Cost: Free

Those enablers sure are good at, well, enabling us weak willed, WIPs as high as your head mere mortals who can’t resist starting a new stitch despite already having 36 on the go. But hey, that’s why we love ’em.

This chart starts in the centre and spirals out over the year. It is a free chart that you can find in the Enablers Facebook group that tracks the high, low and what the weather was like each day.

This makes it truly unique and detailed as most charts just track the average or high for each day.

Annnd it’s free. We like free things here.

Join here: The Enablers Facebook Group

StitchinMommy Temperature Tree

Cost: $18.52 (NZD)

This tree is absolutely gorgeous. Each day simply stitch a new leaf with the temperature high for the day and watch your tree bloom throughout the year.

This one starts at the bottom and circles around the tree, starting back at the beginning again. Each branch represents a month and each leaf, a day.

Included with the temperature tree pattern are four different temperature charts. These allow for the different types of climates that people live in. Varied, hot, cold and extreme are all included as well as both Fahrenheit and Celsius conversions. She’s got everything covered.

StitchinMommy has several other temperature charts to check out too. Check out her quilt, garden and hot air balloon ones.

Buy here: StitchinMommy Temperature Tree chart

LittleSideStitches 2020 Calendar

Cost: $7.31 (NZD)

LittleSideStitches has come up with a yearly calendar temperature chart. Simply stitch the calendar and fill in the blank days with each temperature. By the end of the year, you will have a colourful calendar to hang on the wall.

Simple in design and execution, this is the perfect chart for beginners as their skills grow throughout the year to tackle something a bit more involved the following year.

In saying that, even though it is simple, it is an effective and eyecatching piece. One thing that I love about this chart is that it has the temperature key along the side so you can see at a glance the highs of each day.

Buy here: LittleSideStitches 2020 Calendar

An example of LittleSideStitches calendar

Apricot Polkadot Temperature Stitch

Cost: $12.05 (NZD)

This is such a fun and colourful chart that I couldn’t scroll past it without stopping when I first saw this one on Instagram.

Each day is comprised of a 5×5 square to fill in starting at the centre and working in a clockwise spiral to the end of the year. The squares aren’t too time-consuming which is the beauty of a good temperature stitch. You don’t want it to become a daily chore.

You can choose to do this stitch in fun, bright colours such as the original or choose your own to personalise it even further.

Buy here: Apricot Polkadot temp chart

Hetti Ruckhert’s Temperature Chart

Cost: Free

This one is from 2018 so I am not entirely sure how it will translate to 2020 with it being a leap year. However, if you are creative (and determined!), you should be able to adapt it somehow.

I have included it because it is such a fun looking pattern and it is free.

This one is also comprised of 5×5 squares working outwards in a spiral. Again, the squares aren’t time-consuming and you can personalise with your own floss colours and temperature range.

Join here: Creative Workshops from Hetti website

Temperature Bookmark

Cost: Free

If you don’t want to stitch a full chart, why not make a bookmark? This one is super simple simply stitch a couple of rectangles each day in the designated colour and you’re golden!

You can follow along with this template found on Reddit or you can come up with your own one.

Try stitching squares, diamonds or a variety of shapes instead of rectangles and see what happens over the year.

You can wing it and choose a different set of shapes for the day/week/month and see what happens as you go. If you aren’t comfortable winging it, grab some grid paper and chart the year in advance.

Find it here: Reddit

Bonus Temperature Stitches!

Ok, I know I said 6 but I found a few more so had to add them.

100 Days of Cross Stitch SAL

Cost: Free

This one is a free one in a Facebook Group hosted by MJ Blanco of Cozy Lil: Crochet and Cross Stitch.

This one is a fun one. It can be stitched several ways from in a spiral, left to right or up and down which truly makes it a one of a kind.

For a sneak peek (I couldn’t find any pictures to embed without stealing them and we all know that’s a big no-no) check out the Facebook Group and have a look-see at the cover photo.

Join here: 100 Days of Cross Stitch SAL

Carolyn Manning’s Granny’s Daily Temperature Stitch along

Cost: $10 (USD)

Granny’s Daily Temperature stitch along is bold, bright and can I say a little 70’s inspired? A fun stitch where you can record the high, low or both.

As a lover of all things granny, vintage, 70’s and nostalgic, this temperature stitch really appeals.

Buy here: Carolyn Manning’s Website

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, a few choice patterns, lots of inspiration and hopefully some fuel to give one a go. If you have already started one, let me know what one you are doing and show off your progress below.

I haven’t started mine yet, mainly because I am undecided which pattern to go with. I know that I will start one in the next few weeks but which one?! (seriously, which one?)

Have you seen any other temperature stitches that you want others to find as well? Pop ’em in the comments so we can all go and have a nosey.

You don't have to start your temperature cross stitch in January, you can start it at any time. Use these fun ideas to track your year plus some awesome temperature chart patterns
You don't have to start your temperature cross stitch in January, you can start it at any time. Use these fun ideas to track your year plus some awesome temperature chart patterns

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  1. Looking for sampler patterns with lots of color. Perhaps a square a week or Amon this. Birds, flowers, or months, temperature. Or a true sampler with many lines of different stitches in lavenders and blues with lace stitches around the edges. Thank you.

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