2020 is the year of the stitch along.

What is a stitch along I hear you ask? Simply, it is when you stitch along with a certain pattern with a whole bunch of other randos from around the world. This is what makes stitch along’s fun (or SALs if you like shortening things).

Stich along’s have a great community feel to them, you can see everyone’s creativity come out differently and they connect you to a whole bunch of like-minded peeps.

Plus, many of them are free. We all like free, amiright?

Join in with these cross stitch stitch along's (SAL's), join pockets of communities and stitch with people from around the world

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Stitch Along’s I am participating in

I’ll be updating my Facebook page and Instagram as I go so feel free to join me on my journey.

Peppermint Purple Year of Blackwork

Cost: Free

I’m going to be honest, I had never heard of a stitch along until I stumbled across this one on Instagram over the New Year. Sooo many people were talking about it which piqued my interest.

After much investigation (a quick trip to the Peppermint Purple website) had to search through my stash for an appropriate length of spare Aida.

This stitch along is free, all you have to do is find some supplies in your stash and join the Facebook Group (it ended up being far too popular for poor ole email service providers).

In the group, you will find 10k (as at 2nd Feb 2020) others all stitching the same pattern. However, they are all different. Each person has unleashed their creativity whether it be through colour choice, borders or fabric.

Join here: Peppermint Purple Year of Blackwork

Cunning Cross Stitch Letters From Hogwarts SYOA

Cost: Free

Remember those old adventure books where you would choose your own path (then die a bloody death so flick back a few steps to try again?). That’s kind of what this stitch is. Only if you want to go back and try again, you’ll have to do a lot of unpicking….

This stitch your own adventure (SYOA) has hundreds of potential outcomes. Literally. The Letters from Hogwarts stitch your own adventure comprises of an introduction and six chapters that will be released throughout the year.

This is the perfect stitch for any Harry Potter fans. I’m doing this one for my 11 year old who is a huge fan. Each time a new section is released we’ll read through the story and come up with the different elements to tailor it to her. We then sit down amongst all the bobbins of DMC and pick out the colours that she likes best for each space. By the end of the year, it will really be something that reflects her and her personality.

I would highly recommend joining the Facebook group as well where you can bounce ideas off each other and alternative patterns are posted for different elements such as the castle.

Join here: Cunning Cross Stitch: SYOA Letters from Hogwarts

This is literally as far as we have gotten so far after choosing all our colours and elements (facepalm)

The Enablers ValenSAL

Cost: Free

The Enablers is a fab cross stitch group on Facebook if you like others encouraging you to start new projects despite having 17 already on the go. I mean, everyone needs someone like this in their life really.

Throughout the year they release various stitch along’s and/or challenges to participate in. The current stitch along’s are the ValenSAL and a 2020 temperature chart (find more fun temperature charts in this post).

The ValenSAL is a Valentine’s Day themed blackwork stitch that lets you choose the patterns and colours to place in various areas of the outline. I have chosen to do this one in various shades of grey from black and ending in white (or just off white, haven’t decided yet).

Everyone’s stitches are completely different and showcase their personalities.

Join here: The Enablers Facebook Group

SAL’s I haven’t started but are on my wish list

I’ve not started these ones yet but I’m sure I will end up putting thread to Aida in the not too distant future. I am a sucker for punishment after all.

Stitchonomy A Year of SALs

Cost: Free

Ohhh boy, in case the above isn’t enough for you, here is a whole year of stitch along’s!

Alyssa, the face behind Stitchonomy has come up with a year’s worth of stitch along’s to join in with. They are a mystery until she releases them at set times throughout the year.

The first one has just been released and is a houseplant one.

Join here: Stitchonomy: A year of SALs

Linen and Threads Mystery Sampler Stitch Along

Cost: Free

Another free year long SAL you can join is Linen and Threads Mystery Sampler Stitch along.

Linen and Threads have been doing year long SALs since 2017 (you can download all previous SALs on their website). This years theme is Friends and Family inspired by antique Quaker and Vierlande samplers. 

Join here: Linen and Thread Mystery SAL

The Witchy Sticher’s Chopping Mall

Cost: $30.88 (NZD)

For all those horror fans, the Witchy Sticher has the perfect SAL for you.

Each store grand opening comes with suggested movies to watch while you stitch!
Upon purchase, you gain access to a secret VIP area of thewitchystitcher.com where you will find all the tools, tricks and tips for this stitch along.  

Fun fact: The Witchy Stitcher has another stitch along, Monster Mansion, that although has been completed, you can still buy the full pattern.

Join here: Chopping Mall SAL on Etsy

Long Dog Samplers Dilemma

Cost: £16.20

Technically not a stitch along but still, I added it anyway mainly so that I have a place to find it again in the future when I forget about it in the near future. I mean, it’s kiiind of a stitch along… if you rope some friends into doing it with you?

This aptly named stitch gives you a grid of 9 squares but 16 vignettes to place in the spaces. Which to choose? That’s up to you!

Join here: Long Dog Samplers Dilemma

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, some good ole fashioned stitch along’s to keep you plenty busy for 2020.

If you have seen any others around that you think I should know about, let me know in the comments. A girl can never have too many WIPs, right?

If you want to keep up to date with the stitch along’s, follow along with me on Facebook either on my Facebook Page or in my Facebook Group.

Join in with these cross stitch stitch along's (SAL's), join pockets of communities and stitch with people from around the world
Join in with these cross stitch stitch along's (SAL's), join pockets of communities and stitch with people from around the world
Join in with these cross stitch stitch along's (SAL's), join pockets of communities and stitch with people from around the world

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