Cross stitch is a fun hobby but it can add up. All that floss, Aida, linen and patterns (allll the patterns. Seriously. So. Many. Patterns) quickly take a toll on the ole wallet.

Luckily there are a plethora of fabulous designers around the net that have free patterns ready to grab ‘n stitch.

Get ready, your printer is about to take a beating

Are you looking for some free cross stitch patterns? Check out this epic list of places around the net where you can find tons of FREE patterns. Get ready, your printer is about to take a beating!

Peppermint Purple

Peppermint Purple is one of my favourite designers. If you are following me on any social media you will know this!

I am currently doing her free stitch along but she has other freebies on her website as well including (as at Feb 2020) her blackwork heart, kissing fish and tangram patterns. If you want to give blackwork a go to see if you like it, one of these free patterns will be right up your alley.

Find them here

Cunning Cross Stitch

Cunning Cross Stitch are currently holding their Letters from Hogwarts Stitch your own Adventure but if Harry Potter ain’t your thang, there are a plethora (always wanted to use that word in a blog post) of other free patterns on their website.

Search their website for board game patterns, Disney inspired cross stitch patterns and book lovers patterns.

Collect all the free patterns here

Sassi Stitch Boutique

Sassi Stitch Boutique, as you could imagine, has a lot of sass.

Each month a new freebie is released so make sure to bookmark her site and check back each month or two.

Grab your freebies here

Country Living

If you want something quick and easy, head on over to country living for some simple home inspired stitches that you can bust out in an evening or two.

Grab your freebies here

Smart Cross Stitch

If snark and geek aren’t your thang, head on over to Smart Cross stitch for a range of free patterns for more traditional patterns.

Ranging from simple to more advanced, their patterns include movie characters, baby samplers, animals and around the home.

Find your freebies here

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We are pleased to offer you this cute Little Princess Girl cross stitch pattern for FREE! Find your way to use this beautiful embroidery design. To download the pattern visit our website – > Free patterns section. #freeembroidery #freeembroiderypattern #crosstitching #crossstitchpattern #littleprincess👑 #crossstitchgirls #nurserycrossstitch #crossstitch #crossstitchproject #crossstitchersofinstagram #crosstitchersofinstagram #xstitchingforinstgram #xstitchchart #xstitching #Smartcrosstitch #countedcrossstitch #countedcanvaswork #crossstitchcrazy #AlisaOkneas #embroiderysampler #countedcrossstitching #crossstitchaddict #vintagecrossstitch #freecrossstitch

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Daily Cross Stitch

Daily Cross Stitch does exactly what it says it does, has a different free stitch each day. You can sign up for a daily email or simply bookmark the site and check back every now and then to see what is available.

These are mostly very simple cross stitches but if you are just starting, this is a good way to get some stitching practice in. They shouldn’t take you too long. We all like instant gratification (stitching. You dirty bugger) every now and then to keep the stitching mojo up.

Grab your freebies here

My freebies

Obviously I had to put these in here!

I am still in the process of getting all the freebies up so bear with me. At the moment there are a few freebies that you don’t want to stitch in front of Grandma as well as some free backstitch fonts.

Keep an eye out for more designs and fonts coming your way real soon

You can grab ’em here

Cross Stitch Quest

Free self-proclaimed geeky and nerdy stitches can be found on Cross Stitch Quest.

Warning: if you are going to visit the Cross Stitch Quest website, get ready to scroll! Honestly, there are so many patterns to scroll through. You’re bound to find something you like in there.

Children of the 80’s (like yours truly) will go for a walk down Nostalgia Lane with Beetlejuice, the Smurfs and PacMan patterns available to download.

Some of the patterns are Patreon only patterns but if you can support local, small business this is a good way to get some awesome patterns and help out a fellow human.

Go scrollin’ here

The Witchy Stitcher

This site has some epic patterns available and if you’re into darker patterns, these are perfect. Think ghoul, think satan, think Jason. Not for the faint hearted but, hey, someone has to hang up some cross stitches that won’t please the in-laws.

The Witchy Stitcher encourages you to donate to the NIMH in lieu of payment if you can which is a fantastic idea.

Also, check out Albert while you are there, he is FAB and I want to stitch him.

Summon your freebies here


Cyberstitches literally has over 1,000 free patterns to lose a day searching through.

These are mostly simple patterns but add your personal quote, saying or a little something and you’ve got yourself a fab new stitch!

Search the database here

Stitch People

If you haven’t heard of Stitch People, you need to go check them out, like, now. Yesterday preferably.

Stitch People are, well, cross stitch people. You can DIY your own portraits. They are incredibly therapeutic to stitch and it is so much fun customising each person.

You can find loads of freebies on the Stitch People website including Christmas sweater wearing peeps, a Valentine’s Day couple, both Mother’s and Father’s Day stitches, St Patricks Day, talk like a pirate day, summer fun and spooky Halloween costume clad people.

Find your free Stitch People here

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Because we love you, here's a free pattern you can stitch up for your Valentine. To download, skip over to: #handmadevalentines #diygifts #crossstitch #xstitch #xstitchersofinstagram #freecrossstitchpattern #stitchpeople #stitchheart #couplesportrait #bemine #love #lovehearts

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Fandom Cross Stitchery

Self-described as modern cross stitch patterns with a geeky, feminist twist, you’ll find a range of fun, free cross stitch patterns over at Fandom Cross Stitchery.

Patterns include Harry Potter, pokemon, pride, art, snark, cute and everything in between.

Find your free patterns here

Lord Libidan

Lord Libidan is a not for profit website that is devoted to giving out decades worth of cross stitch advice including free patterns, tips, reviews, knowledge and much more.

This website is a fantastic resource for gamer/pop culture patterns including the epic Pokemon generation series (which I am contemplating stitching up for a Pokemon obsessed friend).

There are over 550 free patterns. You have been warned….

Go down the rabbit hole here

Free Geeky Cross Stitch Patterns

Halloween costumes have a post dedicated to free geeky cross stitch patterns.

Find Back to the Future, Mario, Star Wars, Dr Who and more fan favourites all free to get your x’s out onto Aida. Showcase your inner geek proudly!

Get your geek on here

Lakeside Needlecraft

Lakeside Needlecraft has a range of crafts including blackwork and cross stitch on their website.

They have several free cross stitch patterns on their site and showcase various designers from around the globe. This is a fab way to find new designers that speak to you.

Grab ’em here

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Our next FREE SAL starts next Friday 2nd August. Designed by Peppermint Purple and model stitched by Gemma McKnight. Files will be posted in this group and on the website – The chart will use DMC 161, 340, 413, 3731, 3765 but feel free to experiment! #lakesideneedlecraft #crossstitchersofinstagram #crossstitch #crossstitcher #crossstitching #crossstitchaddict #crossstitchermagazine #dmcthreads #dmc #dmcembroidery #worldofcrossstitching #crossstitchcrazy #embroidery #peppermintpurple #blackwork #stitchingwiththehousewives

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Please remember that while these patterns are all free, try to support small independent designers when you can.

If you can’t buy a pattern or donate, give them a shout out on social media, a follow or a like. You’ll make them do a wee happy dance (I know I do whenever I get some love from randos on the ‘net).

Also please please only download patterns if you know for sure that they are freely available and credit the designer in any photos posted on social media.

Final Thoughts

Well! That was an epic list, wasn’t it?! It took me soooo long to put together because I kept getting lost on each site. My computer hard drive is now full to the brim and I’m currently wondering how on Earth I am going to find the time to stitch everything on my list now (whoops!).

Hopefully, you find something new and some new cross stitch designers to follow.

Let me know in the comments if there are any other sites I should lose an afternoon in.

Are you looking for some free cross stitch patterns? Check out this epic list of places around the net where you can find tons of FREE patterns. Get ready, your printer is about to take a beating!

Are you looking for some free cross stitch patterns? Check out this epic list of places around the net where you can find tons of FREE patterns. Get ready, your printer is about to take a beating!
Are you looking for some free cross stitch patterns? Check out this epic list of places around the net where you can find tons of FREE patterns. Get ready, your printer is about to take a beating!

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