Let’s face it, free shit is pretty cool, which is why the most popular post by far on this website is the post on where to find free patterns. Now a year later, it’s time for a follow up to my 15 places to find free cross stitch patterns post. I have found 15 MORE places to find some free patterns for all y’all pattern hoarders (I know your dirty cross stitch secrets).

So get your download folder emptied and your printer ink full, it’s time to start.

I have found 15 MORE places to find some free patterns for all y'all pattern hoarders

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Subversive Cross Stitch

Oh man, I can’t believe that I missed this one last time! Julie Jackson is the OG snarky sticher and is the lady that got me (and many, many others) into subversive stitching in the first place. Major facepalm moment.

There are hundreds of patterns on the Subversive Cross Stitch website, most are paid but there are enough freebies to keep you sniggering and snarking in stitchy happiness.

Start subversively stitching here

DMC Website

Another one that I can’t believe was missed last time! Another facepalm must be called for.

With 540 free patterns, I bet my cat that you will find one you like. DMC feature a range of patterns for every occasion including seasonal, months, fairy tales, animals, birds, florals, quotes and everything in between. These patterns can be used as they are or as the basis for other projects such as cushions or pillowcases.

Start browsing here

Join Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are a fab resource for connecting with like minded stitchers as well as sharing patterns, tips and general stitching mayhem. There are Groups for all interests from snarky to cute to blackwork and everything in between.

To find an appropriate group simply type in a few keywords in the Facebook searchbar and Bob’s your uncle. You’ll have a plethora of groups to choose from.

Some of my faves include:

Tiny Modernist

Tiny Modernist has 14 cute to boot cross stitch patterns available for free on their website. Celebrate Thanksgiving, Easter or Valentine’s day with these beauties. However, if you happen to not celebrate these holidays for whatever reason, there are other patterns to choose from such as the sewing room pattern or Matryoshka doll which are gorgeous.

Find your free Tiny Modernist patterns here

Love Crafts

Florals, fonts and flamingos, oh my! 255 free patterns are just waiting for you my friend.

Combine several patterns such as the borders and fonts to create your own unique personalised masterpiece for yourself or for someone else. The possibilities are endless.

Find your freebies here

Hobby Craft

Hobby craft has a good selection of freebies on their website, many of them are free DMC charts. Don’t let that stop you, however, as there is still plenty to choose from

Hobby Craft freebies this way

Free Patterns

As the name suggests you’ll, funnily enough, find free patterns on this website. However, you do have to sign up for the newsletter before you are allowed to download the freebies. If that doesn’t bother you, you’ll have access to hundreds of freebies from designers all around the globe.

Free patterns this way

Durene Jones Facebook Page

Durene Jones is the Cute Cross Stitch Queen, head on over to her Facebook to grab weekly freebies. All previous freebies are still up on her page. Your computer storage isn’t going to thank you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Find the freebies here


Kreinik has over 100 free cross stitch patterns from angels (nearly had it as angles, that’s a whole ‘nother type of cross stitching) to Halloween and all things in between (even a happy baseball!). My personal favourite is the Victorian Blackwork House. Beaut!

Start downloading here


Pinterest is a great source for all things crafty, including cross stitch. You can literally find hundreds of cross stitch charts on there by simply typing in a few keywords such as “free snarky cross stitch patterns” “free baby sampler cross stitch patterns” and so on and so forth.

However, it does pay to double-check that that free cross stitch chart you have found is actually free and someone hasn’t uploaded it all sneaky like. Coz that’s just not cool.

Go down the rabbit hole here


Hashtags are your friend on Instagram. Try searching #freecrossstitchpattern #freecrossstitch and other such hashtags. Not only will you find a bunch of choice cross stitch patterns, but you may even find a few new designers to follow as well. It’s a win win really.

Hashtag away here

Kooky Cross Stitch

If pop culture is your thing, head on over to Kooky Cross Stitch for all your Simpsons, Dr Who, Star Wars, Potter, Superhero, Disney needs.

The only thing that you will regret is your printer bill.

Go nuts here

Alita Designs

There are loads of designs over at Alita Designs. Cutesy baby designs, borders, maps, animals, alphabets, landscapes greetings, florals and holidays galore. Mix and match various elements to create your own design using the borders, fonts and other motifs.

If you’re after a bigger project, delve into the portraits and landscapes for more of a challenge. Stitch Tuscany or even Van Gogh. Or perhaps both. Or neither. It is entirely up to you.

Find some more freebies here

Amanda Gregory Cross Stitch Designs

I have only just discovered this designer and am kinda in love. There are some beautiful designs on her website which is regularly updated with both free and paid patterns. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find her on Instagram so fan girl stalking came to an abrupt halt fairly quickly (which my scrolling thumb was thankful for).

Search here

Ingleside Imaginarium

Cute dragons wearing face masks at Christmas time. Don’t really need to say much more than that really.

Cross Stitch this way

Final Thoughts

So there you go, you are now officially enabled. You’re welcome.

If you can thing of any more places that have choice as free cross stitch patterns that I’ve missed and need to see, throw a comment below so we can all check them out.

As always, support small budding artists when you can, give credit to the designer on social media if you’re sharing your work in progress or finished piece and maybe even throw them a follow or some likes.

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I have found 15 MORE places to find some free patterns for all y'all pattern hoarders

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